102-year-old shares key to long life which she claims is down to being single

Staying single is the key to a long and healthy life, a woman celebrating her 102nd birthday has said.

Despite never getting married, Cathy Hillock, from Lanarkshire in Scotland, enjoyed a fun-filled birthday surrounded by cards, gifts, family and friends.

Staff at Beechwood Care Home in Wishaw, where she lives, threw Cathy a Roaring ’20s, Great Gatsby-themed party to mark her big day as residents and employees dressed in feathered finery to celebrate.

The centenarian believes eating healthily and her charity work have also played a part in her long life but she is adamant that staying single is the biggest factor.

She told the Daily Record : “I think for me, the secrets to a long, happy and healthy life are everything in moderation.

“I eat and drink well, have always done lots of charity work, oh … and perhaps most importantly I stayed single and never got married.”

Beechwood, which is part of the Holmes Care Group, were happy to go the extra mile to make the significant milestone memorable for Cathy.

Photographs from the birthday event show Cathy wearing a black feather headpiece, as she enjoyed her special day in the company of loved ones.

Dozens of cards and flowers could be spotted next to the birthday girl as staff even put on a buffet.

Helen Miller, Activities Co-ordinator at Beechwood, said: “All the staff and residents at Beechwood had a fantastic time celebrating Cathy’s 102nd Birthday.

“It’s always wonderful to be able to find unique ways to make each birthday party special, and Cathy was delighted to be able to celebrate her milestone birthday with family and friends, and said how happy she was to know everyone was thinking of her.”