‘I live on the world’s biggest cruise ship in a tiny room which has a key benefit’

When it comes to choosing somewhere to sleep, many of us would probably choose for something spacious and roomy.

You would also think that living on the world’s biggest cruise ship would also equal a large bedroom to kick back and relax in – but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

Kayleigh Dominey-Sim works on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas and regularly shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on board with her TikTok followers.

Her tiny cabin, which she shares with a colleague, is incredibly small, with the pair sharing a bunk-bed.

However, as Kayleigh explained, the small quarters do come with one key benefit.

“The best thing about the bathrooms is you can brush your teeth, shave your legs, have a shower and have a wee, all at the same time,” she joked as she spun the camera around to show the toilet, shower and small mirror nearby.

“It’s very teeny, but you know, we make it work.”

A unique and positive twist on the small space, the pair hang their handbags on the lifejackets and there’s a small area under the TV for their “snacks and vodka”, the Sun reports.

When it comes to sleeping, Kayleigh opts for the bottom bunk with roommate Pam taking the one above, and they both have to get creative when it comes to stuffing their clothes in the narrow wardrobe.

Her videos have gained widespread love, with her TikTok clips racking up some 50,000 likes.

Kayleigh will be working on the Wonder of the Seas until August.

The cruiser has a play area with slides, climbing walls, games and puzzles, as well as a pool deck where holidaymakers can grab a cocktail at the two-storey poolside bar.

The more daring tourist can also embark on the the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss, which sees brave souls plunge 10 storeys.

Wonder of the Seas cruises from Barcelona and Rome start at £819.

Kayleigh’s videos gain plenty of praise, with one TikTok user saying: “I live for these I miss you so much!!”

A second added: “I love these videos.”

“Wow! Looks amazing! I’m going in August! I’m counting down the days!” added another.