DPastes Cake Shop
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About Us
D' Pasteles Cake Shop was formed by Roxana and Joel in 2008

About Roxana Villafuerte

Roxana is a Cake Designer and has been baking cakes since she was 8 years old. She grew up around cake creations helping her parents run a successful business in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

She loves painting and decorating cakes. She took classes of oil painting, ceramic craft painting, modeling clay, fondant flowers, cake decorating and other techniques. The combination of her abilities make her cakes exquisite and beautiful. She likes to say, nothing is impossible and loves challenges.

For Roxana, every cake is unique and a form of art. She pays attention to every single detail as if the cake were her own.


About Joel Diaz

Joel Díaz is a Cake Designer too. Joel's love for Cakes started by helping his mom in a family Wedding Cakes business in Mexico City.

Throughout many years decorating cakes, his has found a special passion for fondant-based wedding cakes and has experimented new techniques that have been recognized by peers and customers alike.

His attention to details is unique and you will be surprised by his creativity.

Roxana Villafuerte
Joel Diaz